Jim Rennert: Sculpture Exhibition [NY Project 3W57]


PRESS RELEASE: Jim Rennert: Sculpture Exhibition [NY Project 3W57], Jun  5 - Jun 30, 2014

Cavalier Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of the sculpture works of Jim Rennert, running through the month of June at 3 West 57th Street, New York. The show will feature recent works from Rennert’s iconic “suits” series, with works in bronze and steel conceptualizing life as a businessman. 

The exhibit opens in tandem with the installation of Rennert’s monumental sculpture, Think Big, in New York City’s Union Square Park.  In collaboration with the NYC Parks Department, the sculpture will find a home at southeast Union Square Park, between 14th and 15th Streets, where it will remain through October 2014.  With the installation of this monumental work, Rennert aims to stimulate and encourage viewers to consider his message that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams if they “think big.”

Coming from a business background, the common notion behind all of Rennert’s sculptures lies in his reflections on corporate culture and the physical and psychological challenges that arise in this competitive environment. The pieces often incorporate symbolic objects such as ladders and briefcases, along with figures dressed in business attire to signify the daily struggles of work life. While many of Rennert’s sculptures illustrate his concepts with dynamic positioning of figures within their environment, others show the quiet contemplation of a lone introspective figure. Businessman or not, everyone can still relate to the themes in their own personal ways.