Timothy Barr


Timothy Barr Biography

American, b. 1957

Timothy Barr was born in 1957, in Hamburg, PA. Growing up in an artistic family had a great influence on Timothy's choice to become a painter. His mom is a part-time artist and his father is a part-time musician.

From early childhood Timothy Barr had a great desire to become a professional artist. He attended Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts and the Tyler School of Fine Art at Temple University. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts (BFA) from Tyler School in Philadelphia. After graduation, in order to pay off his school loans, he went into mechanical engineering for the steady pay. He spent 11 years in engineering before, at the age of 33, he chose to become a full time professional artist.

He enjoys time spent outdoors canoeing, hiking, sailing, and biking, and a deep appreciation of nature is reflected his work.

“I’ve always felt a strong connection to the paintings of the Barbizon and Luminist painters. I can achieve radiance in my paintings using the glazing techniques practiced by these painters. In each of my paintings I combine elements I’ve seen in nature that strike a chord in me. By combining these abstract elements I can produce paintings that come close to the real soul of nature, as I see it.”

1978 BFA from Tyler School of Fine Art at Temple University Philadelphia, PA

Cavalier Galleries: Realism: Then and Now, New York, NY