Shawn Moss


Shawn Moss Biography

Shawn Moss 

b. 1969 


Shawn Moss is a storm chaser, nature lover, and connoisseur of the perfect moment. In 2004, he was in his mid-thirties with an established career in the oil and gas industry when his brother put a camera in his hands. Moss began taking it with him on his travels for work, photographing some of the great landscapes of the American South and West. Six years later, he decided to relocate from Texas to Florida and launch a career in photography.  


Moss was soon able to secure commercial and event work while he built up a portfolio as a self-taught artist. Inspired by contemporary landscape photographers like Clyde Butcher, he trained his lens on the rich variety of Florida’s natural beauty, from the storied Everglades to picturesque palm-lined beaches to the idylls of horse country. In 2018, he took a 28,000-mile sojourn across the U.S. and north into Alaska, his first major photography expedition. 


A keen sense of adventure and curiosity drives Moss’s image-making and translates into artworks that inspire awe. He loves photographing electrical storms over the ocean, as seen in his Stormy Nights series. Viewers can imagine the thrill of capturing the intense and sudden drama of the linear flashes against a midnight sky, casting beams of light along the rippling sea below. Moss is attentive to the shapes and textures of cloud masses and watery expanses, and often uses architectural elements like piers and waterfront structures to complement natural wonders and invite viewers into the scene.