Jane DeDecker


Jane DeDecker Biography

American, b. 1961

Jane DeDecker’s energetic and dynamic bronze sculptures serve as a reflection of her own life experiences and those of her closely-knit family. Her twelve nieces and nephews are the primary source of her inspiration, though DeDecker’s sculptures are not portraits.  In fact, her loose style leaves her viewers with room for interpretation, so as to see their own lives within her sculptures. This imprecision, combined with her unique ability to capture specific moments to which each viewer can relate on a personal level, regardless of age, give DeDecker’s work a timeless quality that spans generations.
DeDecker began her artistic training as a painter at the University of Northern Colorado, until a professor, noticing her joy in the portrayal of shapes and forms, suggested she try her hand at sculpture.  Taking his advice, DeDecker went on to study at Gobelins School of Tapestry in Paris, and in returning to Colorado, spent five years as master craftsman to the notable bronze sculptor George Lundeen.
DeDecker is a member of the National Sculpture Society and has gone on to receive copious awards, such as the Critics Choice Award from the Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX. Major installations of DeDecker’s sculptures are located at the Presidential Library in Washington, DC; the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota; Benson Park, Loveland, Colorado; American Stores, Salt Lake City, Utah; Trammell Crow, St. Louis, Missouri and Clinton Library, Little Rock, Arkansas, among many others.

1987, Studied stone carving under Robert Game, Canadian Sculptor
1984, Scottsdale Artists School, Jon Zahorek Anatomy Course Scottsdale, AZ
1983, Goblins School of Tapestry Paris, France
1982, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Deer Isle, Maine
1979-82, University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO

2016, Cavalier Galleries 30th Anniversary, New York, NY
2015, Winter Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2014, Winter Group Exhibition, Greenwich, CT
2013, June Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2013, February Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2013, January Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2013, December Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2012, November Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2012, Summer Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2012, Spring Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2012, Group Exhibition: Recent Works by Gallery Artists, Greenwich, CT
2011, Group Exhibition: Recent Works by Gallery Artists, Greenwich, CT
2014, Summer Group Show, Greenwich, CT
2004-05, Annual Exhibit, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
2004, One Point Gallery (Solo Exhibition), Denver, CO
2004, Stallions, Ponies and Unicorns National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
2004, Bill Clinton Presidential Center Library, Little Rock, AK
1994-2004, State Street Art Show, Ann Arbor, MI
2003, Changing the American Landscape Though Sculpture, University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN
2002, Angels, Cupids, and Creatures of Winged Fantasy, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
2002, Annual Exhibit, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY and Brookgreen Gardens Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
2002, Remembering 911, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
1986-2002, Colorado Governor's Art Show, Loveland, CO
2000-01, Annual Exhibit. National Sculpture Society, Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
1986-2001, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO
1999-2000, Annual Exhibit. National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
1999, Miniatures Show, Albuquerque, NM
1998, Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT
1997, Kimball Arts Museum, Park City, UT
1996, Arts Festival in the Village, La Jolla, CA
1990-95, Kimball Museum Arts Festival, Park City, UT
1989-95, Affair in the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA
1995, Women Artists and the West, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
1990-94, Peach Tree Art Show, Atlanta, GA
1990-91, Art Expo, New York, NY
1990, The Allied Artists of America, Inc., New York, NY
1990, Dreamers and Shapers, Intercombine Arts Performance, Loveland, CO
1989, North American Sculpture Review, Golden, CO

1994-Present, National Sculptors’ Guild
1998-Present, National Sculpture Society

2008, C.Percival Dietsch Prize for Wind, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
2002, Bronze Medal and Pietro & Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize ,
2001, Mrs. Louise Bennett Award, National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
1999, Aggop Agopof Award. National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
1997, Award of Excellence, Kimball Art Museum, Park City, UT
1997, Critics Choice Award, Kimball Art Museum, Park City, UT
1993, Mayors Purchase Award, Affair in the Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA
1992, Best of Show, Affair in the Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA
1992, Merit Award, Arts Festival , Atlanta, GA
1992, First Place in Sculpture Fall Show, Affair in the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA

The Clinton Presidential Center , Little Rock, AR
Art for the Mountain Community , Evergreen, CO
City of Cerritos , Cerritos, CA
Rochester Hills Public Library , Rochester, MI
Mr & Mrs Bob Cohen , Beverly Hills, CA
Mr. Sugar Ray Leonard , Washington, DC
Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger , Los Angeles, CA
Mr & Mrs Lucy Meepos , Los Angeles, CA
Dr & Mrs Bruce Weiner , Dallas, TX
Dr & Mrs Mitchell Komaiko , Los Angeles, CA
Mr & Mrs Richard Frank , Malibu, CA
Mr & Mrs Stephen Leff , Chappaqua, NY
Mr. Ted Gardner  , Santa Barbara, CA
Mr & Mrs Alan Margolis , Aspen, CO
Mr & Mrs Ronald Klein , Woodbury, NY
Rochester Public Library (1998) , Rochester, MI
City of Texas (2000-01) , City, TX
Brandi Rogh, PhD , Beverly Hills, CA
Paul Heller & Susan Seeger , Beverly Hills, CA
Mr & Mrs Alan Fox , Denver, CO
Mr & Mrs David Plummer , Bountiful, UT
Brooke Roney , Provo, UT
Hap Bledsoe , Wichita, KS
Michael Francis , Short Hills, NJ
Michael Jackson , Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Frank Shellock , Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Sue Shellock , Los Angeles, CA
Mr & Mrs Ron Braveman , Los Angeles, CA
Mr & Mrs Lamberti , Ankeny, IA

2007, Elements: Fire & Air, City of Cerritos Sculpture , Garden Cerritos, CA
2007, Da Mi Un Baccio, Hartford Development , Loveland, CO
2006, Element: Earth & Water, Cerritos Sculpture Garden, Cerritos, CA
2006, Lords of the Forrest, Sacramento Recycling Center , Sacramento, CA
2006, Ears of Joy, Recreation Center Entry , Brighton, CO
2006, Setting the Pace, Art for the Mountain Community , Evergreen, CO
2005, Lords of the Forest, Julie, Leaves of Grass Recreation Center Entry, Brighton, CO
2005, The Sower, Settlers Ridge, Kimball Hill Homes , Chicago, IL
2004, Emily Dickinson, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC
2004, Earth, Arthur Blank Family Foundation, Atlanta, GA
2004, Touch the Sky, Anglers, & Harriet Tubman, Bill Clinton Presidential Center Library , Little Rock, AK
2003, Mentor, University of Mississippi , Mississippi
2002, Can Can, Brookgreen Gardens, Murells , Inlet, SC
2002, Family Tree, Private collection, Beaver Creek, CO
2000-01, Ears of Joy, City of Ames, IA
2000-01, New Heights, Trammell Crow, St. Louis, MO
1999, Swinging, Mr. & Mrs Storr, Vail, CO
1999, Anglers, The Club at Cordillera, Edwards, CO
1999, Anglers, Audubon Society, New Orleans, LA
1998, Harriet Tubman, Brenau University, Gainsville, GA
1998, A World to Teach,  Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, MI
1997, London Bridge, American Foods Headquarters, Salt Lake City, UT
1996, Sharing Discoveries, Mayo Clinic, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, MN
1995, Snapshot, City of Oxnard, Oxnard, CA
1995, Harriet Tubman, Las Sendas, Mesa, AZ
1995, Unsteady Steadiness, City of Glendale, Glendale, AZ
1995, Shortcut Public placement, Chandler, AZ
1994, Heartland Story, Fort Lupton Public Library, Fort Lupton, CO
1994, Jungle Gym, City of Lakewood, Lakewood, CO
1994, Shortcut, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Hammond, Loveland, CO
1994, Rapunzel, Dr. Brandi Roth & Bruce Clements, Beverly Hills, CA
1993, Mother’s Pearl, Private collector, Madison, WI
1993, Jungle Gym, Casey's General Store Corporate Headquarters, Ankeny, IA
1992, Snapshot, Michael Jackson, Los Angeles, CA
1992, Albert Gallatin, United States National Parks Service, Friendship Hill, PA
1992, The Little Reader, Carden Academy, Park City, UT
1992, Ace, Mr. Steve Buckner, Loveland, CO
1991, Over There, President Bush, Committee for the Handicap, Presidential Library, Washington DC
1991, Cool-Hand Luke, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fox, Denver, CO
1990, Secrets, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Weiner, Houston, TX
1990, Overdue, The Eads Family, Loveland Public Library, Loveland, CO
1989, Garner, Mr. Henry Lesser, Los Angeles, CA
1989, Unsteadt Steadiness, High Plains Arts Council, Benson Park, Loveland, CO 
1989, Human Structure, United Way Foundation, Fort Collins, CO

1988-89, Battle Mountain Bronze, Minturn, CO, Assisted in Training New Apprentices
1988-89, Monument Production for Terry Kelsey, Forrest Hart, Glenna Goodacre

1983-89, Lundeen Studios, Loveland, Colorado; George Lundeen, sculptor.
 “The city of Loveland is a community filled with figurative sculptors. I apprenticed with George Lundeen for five years, learning all the techniques of both clay and wax, the lost wax technique of bronze casting, molding, chasing and finishing the bronze material, patina and finish work. Within two years I was promoted to the position of master craftsman, whereupon I trained new apprentices and oversaw the production of nearly fifty life-size bronzes and two monuments. During my employment with Lundeen Studios, I assisted the following sculptors: Fritz White, Danny Ostermiller and Kent Ulberg.”
1988-89, Battle Mountain Bronze, Minturn, CO. 
With Robert Zimmerman, foundry owner, “I assisted in the training of new apprentices and assisted in the production of monuments by Terry Kelsey, Forrest Hart and Glenna Goodacre.”